Haus De Milano was created by fashion influence Stafani Milano. Stafani entered the fashion world at the age of sixteen starting off as a commercial print model. Years later, she has earned double degrees in fashion merchandising /business management, worked as an assistant buyer for a major fashion company as well as worked in some of your favorite retail department stores. After realizing her love for fashion was way bigger than working at retail stores she created her Instagram page which currently has a following of over 128,000 as well as a blog which has over 350,000 views (www. Her Instagram following quickly blossomed due to her versatile style that caught attention from major fashion blogs, media & NYFW. This attention has landed her styling jobs from Jay Z video shoots to working for VH1 as a stylist. Now she has decided to start her own online fashion home to cater to fashionistas all over the world. 

"I'm always pushing myself to be greater. I have a lot of clothes but I hardly shop nowadays because everyone carries the same exact items. I used to get excited to shop but now I only see this one uniformed look. This is why I felt the need to create " Haus De Milano". I wanted to carry pieces that exemplify my forever changing style.  I named it Haus De Milano because in my home is where I feel the most comfortable trying on clothing, waiting for a package or dressing up my mannequin. I wanted to give women all over the world the chance to feel the same exact way."

Embark on this journey with Stafani Milano as she takes the fashion world by storm one Haus at a time.

Stafanie Milano About Me